Solar Facts - part 3

Continued article from Solar Power Authority


The cost of solar panels has dropped by 80% since 2008, and it is expected to keep falling.
Solar power itself is a free source of energy, and once you’ve installed PV panels on your home, maintenance is minimal.
Most solar panels have a warranty of 25 years.
Many states allow you to sell the excess solar energy you produce, meaning you can not only earn back the cost of your panels, but you can also make a profit in the long run.
Many states also have incentive programs for solar panel installation as encouragement to switch to more sustainable energy production. Policies vary by state, so find out what’s offered in yours when considering solar for your home.
It takes the average homeowner 7 to 15 years to pay off their solar panels; those living in sunnier climates or states with good incentive programs can do it in as little as two years.
Solar panels are exempt of property taxes in many states and can increase the value of a home more than a complete kitchen remodel.